Excellence programs


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​At Corinda, we believe it is important to develop our academically gifted students, just as we do students who possess skills in music, sport or other talents. Our goal is to engage each student in learning at a level that provides challenge suitable to their skills.

We model our Gifted and Talented Program on Gagne's Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent. Students who are Talented in specific skills or fields have the opportunity to enter one of our Programs of Excellence. Additionally, students who are Gifted and require an acceleration of curriculum are provided an individual curriculum plan to ensure appropriate challenge is offered.

Our Excellence and Honours Programs provide extension in their field beyond the mainstream classroom. The program allows students to become autonomous learners who are actively engaged in the development of their skills and talents.

Our teaching team is comprised of staff who are experts in their fields. They stay abreast of current and emerging research to ensure that their curriculum is dynamic and engaging. We have professional partnerships with Griffith University, QUT and UQ to ensure our programs have real world applications. All staff who teach our Gifted and Talented students undergo GERRIC training allowing them to:

  • Identify Gifted and Talented students
  • Differentiate the curriculum for high ability students
  • Understand Gifted Education best practice

Our programs on offer include:

  • Platinum Honours
  • Maths / Science Honours
  • English / Humanities Honours
  • Engineering, Design and Technology Excellence
  • Culinary Excellence
  • Music Excellence
  • Visual Art Excellence
  • Dance Excellence
  • Football Excellence
  • Tennis Excellence

Date Claimers

Year  7  2023Year 7 2024

22 July 2021
Excellence Evening Parent
Information Session
Excellence applications open for 2023

02 September 2021
Entrance examination for 2022 and 2023 students

17 September 2021
First round offers for 2023 Programs of Excellence released

26 November 2021
Second round offers for 2023 Programs of Excellence released

1 April 2022
Applications due for all 2023 Programs of Excellence

22 March 2022
Entrance examination for 2023 students 

7 May 2022
Excellence Learning Fair
Corinda State High School Open Day​

13 May 2022
Last day to register for online entrance examination

31 May 2022
Online entrance examination for 2023 students (FINAL EXAM)​

​24 June 2022
Final round offers for 2023 Programs of Excellence released

​7 May 2022
Excellence Learning Fair 
Corinda State High School Open Day

25 July 2022
Excellence Evening Parent Information Session
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12 August 12 2022
Entrance examination for 2024 students

16 September 2022
First round offers for 2024 Programs of Excellence released

2 December 2022
Second round offers for 2024 Programs of Excellence released

Application Process

  1. Select program(s) of interest after reviewing the program information
  2. Submit application form, including all relevant documentation
  3. Attend a schedule Excellence Entrance Examination or Golden Opportunity Day
  4. Application reviewed and outcome communicated
  5. Program Acceptance

1. Select Program(s)

Our Programs of Excellence fall into three categories: Academic, Elective and Sporting.  Students may submit an application for any combination of programs across and within categories.

Once accepted, students may participate in up to three programs, combining programs from the different categories with a maximum of one program per category.  ​

​​Category A
​Category B
​Category C
​Academic Programs
​Elective Programs 
​​Sporting Programs
​Maths/Science Honours
​Engineering, Design and Technology Excellence
​Football (Soccer) Excellence

​English/Humanities Honours
​Culinary Excellence
​​Platinum Honours (includes Maths/Science and English/Humanities)

Visual Art Excellence 
​Dance Excellence 
​Music Excellence
​Tennis Excellence

2. Submit Application

All applicants must submit:

  • Program of Excellence Application form
  • Corinda State High School Enrolment form (if not previously provided)
  • Copy of two most recent academic report cards
  • Copy of most recent NAPLAN report
  • Additional supporting documentation required for program (details in application form)
  • Attend an Excellence Entrance Exam or Golden Opportunity Day​

3. Excellence Entrance Exam or Golden Opportunity Day

Depending on the Program of Excellence, students are required to participate in either:​

​​Excellence Entrance Exam
​Golden Opportunity Day
​A general aptitude exam (externally delivered and assessed, fee applicable)
​Engagement workshops for audition and trials (fee applicable) 
​Programs requiring exam: 
- Academic Programs 
- Engineering, Design and Technology Excellence
Programs requiring participation:
- Elective Programs (excluding - EDT) Sporting Programs

Dates and information are published on the school website.  Students may also participate in Golden Opportunity Days to learn more about our programs or just to enjoy the experience.

4. Application Reviewed and Outcome

Led by the Deputy Principal for Programs of Excellence, the Corinda Excellence Panel review each candidate's submission against the Entry Requirements for admission to the individual programs.

At the completion of each round of offers, applications will receive a communication regarding the outcome: program(s) acceptance, waitlisted, additional information required, or does not meet entry requirements.

5. Program Acceptance

Once successfully accepted into Corinda's Program of Excellence, the applicant will confirm their acceptance. Students will receive invitations to participate in a range of engagement activities as they become embedded and enriched as part of our school community

Following the review of a student's application outcome, the Excellence Panel may extend an additional or alternative invitation to a student demonstrating excellence in a program they did not originally request in the application.

If students are accepted into multiple programs within the same category, they have the opportunity to select their preferred program; however they may only select one per category.

Last reviewed 12 July 2022
Last updated 12 July 2022