Excellence programs


Here at Corinda, we accommodate a broad range of talents and skills and encourage students to perform their optimum level whether it be in the academic arena, the arts, on the sporting fields or out in the community volunteering. We believe that every student has the capacity to shine, whatever their strength may be. By nurturing these skills and strengths, we can continue to build a strong and prosperous school community that values diversity and the contributions of all. 

There are 8 excellence programs offered in junior secondary to cater for all domains of giftedness.

Muscular/Motor Control Giftedness

The Dance Program of Excellence provides opportunities for students to develop dance performance, fitness, nutrition, technical, and choreographic skills to ensure students realise their full dance potential.

The Football Program of Excellence aims to provide students (with identified Football talent) with an opportunity to develop their technical and tactical ability while exposing them to all facets of Football; from fitness, conditioning and nutrition for performance, to skill acquisition and learning strategies. Established partnerships with Lions Football Club and Binnacle Training ensure our students gain exposure to elite competition at a state and national level, while also achieving nationally recognised vocational qualifications. For more information, please read the Excellence Program Handbook.pdf

The Tennis Program of Excellence provides students (with identified Tennis talent) with an opportunity to develop their game skills and expose them to facets of Tennis from fitness and nutrition for performance to skill acquisition and learning strategies. Please note, our Tennis Program of Excellence varies for our international students. For more information please see the Tennis Excellence Handbook.

Creative/Perceptual Giftedness

The Design and Build Environment Program of Excellence strengthens student’s problem solving, design, and presentation skills through our partnership with the University of Queensland and Australian Space Design Competition. The course exposes students to industry and education fields such as aerospace, town planning, engineering and architecture. 

The Visual Arts Program of Excellence develops students outstanding abilities in a range of artistic mediums such as film, digital photography, ceramics and sculpture culminating in a develop exhibition. 

The Music Program of Excellence gives students the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge that are vital for success as a modern musician.

Intellectual Giftedness

The English/Humanities Program of Excellence encourages our students to develop critical thinking, writing acquisition, and research skills to engage in state and national competitions through partnerships with the State Library of Queensland and the University of Queensland.

The Maths/Science Program of Excellence provides an innovative and challenging curriculum to nurture problem solving skills to equip our students for academic excellence in Science, Engineering, and Maths in partnership with CSIRO through their scientist-in-schools program. There are also numerous opportunities to connect with the Universities through their STEM programs as well as the Australian Mathematics Trust.

Please refer to the Information Booklet for further information.

Last reviewed 04 December 2019
Last updated 04 December 2019