The Arts


The Arts Corinda State High School logo A vast majority of extra-curricular activities are available through our Arts Faculty.  

In our comprehensive Arts curriculum, students are given the opportunity to access multiple learning pathways in both Visual and Performing Arts. In our studios, classrooms, digital media laboratory and performance spaces, students actively engage in developing a wide variety of skills as they mature cognitively, personally and socially though learning in The Arts. 

Our Arts curriculum encourages students to be active in their pursuit of excellence. Numerous concerts, exhibitions, competitions and performance opportunities provide a framework for creative expression for a team of actors, musicians, dancers, artists and designers. 

Our music ensembles are highly regarded and achieve Gold Standard annually in the Brisbane Bands Festival. 

Students within our Visual Arts program have been successful entrants in the Creative Generation Art Awards for the past five years, with Corinda winning the Ministers Award for Art for the past four years in Visual Arts. 

Our annual production with Zen Zen Zo Theatre Company is highly engaging and physically demanding for our senior drama students. The rigor of the initial training, workshopping scenes and finally polishing a performance for an audience allows the students to become aware of the level of artistry needed by actors.

Junior Secondary

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 may select two Arts subjects to study each year. Programs of study in Dance, Drama, Digital Art Studies, Music and Visual Art are aligned to the Australian Arts Curriculum providing an environment where our students can confidently think, create and communicate through the media of their chosen art form. 

An overview of the curriculum, including topics and suggested assessment tasks is available in the Junior Secondary Handbook.

Senior Secondary

Many study options exist for students focused on developing Arts knowledge and training in Years 10, 11 and 12. Both Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority and Vocational courses are offered ensuring that students can achieve their goals in preparation for any future pathway. 

 Students who are achieving a VHA standard in their subject areas are given the opportunity to enter the Griffith Guest program in their senior years as an Arts student. Students are able to study a university subject whilst completing their senior studies. Upon successful completion of the subject, students are given direct entry into their chosen university degree at Griffith University. 

 For more information about The Arts at a senior level, please refer to the Year 10 Curriculum Handbook 2019.pdf or the Senior Subject Selection Handbook.pdf for year 11 and 12.

Last reviewed 02 April 2020
Last updated 02 April 2020