School grounds and classrooms


​Here at Corinda, we are proud of our grounds and facilities because it enables us to offer a range of curriculum subjects, extra-curricular activities and sports to our students.

Sports facilities

  • Sports Hall for badminton, volleyball and netball
  • Two external multipurpose courts for basketball, netball and volleyball
  • Four tennis courts
  • On-campus training facility for students to complete their Certificate III in Fitness
  • Sports Oval.

Art facilities

  • Air-conditioned Performing Arts theatrette that sits 100 people
  • Art spaces featuring a pottery kiln
  • Recording studio
  • Mac suite room with industry standard music software
  • Air-conditioned Dance studios.

Trade Training Centre

  • Our Trade Training Centre offers vocational qualifications in Sampling & Measurement (Certificate II), Laboratory Skills (Certificate III) and Electro-Technology (Certificate II)
  • The Centre also features a laboratory testing facility which includes a classroom and computer lab
  • In 2017 Corinda began a new partnership arrangement with TAFE for the delivery of a Certificate III pathway to Laboratory Assistants, Technicians and Instrument operators.

Backstage Brew

  • Backstage Brew is a Café training facility located in our Arts precinct. This innovative collaborative teaching space prepares our Hospitality and Business students for the workforce
  • Since opening in mid 2016, Backstage Brew has become well known for selling good food, great coffee and excellent service to members of staff and students of our school. The Backstage Brew is open to the public every school day between 7:00 am and 9:00 am. During the school day, the Backstage Brew is open to students at both break times
  • For more information about our Hospitality and Business curriculum refer to the Humanities & Business page.

Research and Innovation Centre (RIC)

  • Access to a range of online libraries to provide students the best resources for learning and collaborating
  • Outdoor learning areas - Open classroom concept to increase student engagement and collaboration in a unique learning environment
  • Digital Technology laboratory
  • Robotics lab to support our STEM program and innovation projects
  • Makerspace
  • Green Screen
  • Audio Visual Studio
  • Virtual Reality room
  • Construction of a new state-of-the-art multi-storey STEM building will commence in 2023. The facility will be located adjacent to the RIC. 

Smart Farm

  • Our Smart Farm which backs onto the Oxley River and Rocklea common land, is a unique feature of our school. This farm is home to livestock and features a beekeeping facility, plant tissue laboratory, sheering facility and horticulture
  • Through this Smart Farm, students have the opportunity to learn about sustainable urban agricultural practices. This includes soil improvement, hydroponics, composting, nutrient and matter cycling, worm farming as well as a raft of animal husbandry skills centred around bees, poultry, sheep and cattle
  • Our Agricultural forecourt features a 100% organic permaculture garden which is designed to maximise vegetable yield and soil health through companion planting and crop rotation.

Specialist Labs

  • Our Science precinct provides labs for each of the Senior Sciences we offer: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics
  • Each lab caters for the unique experimental requirements for students to conduct investigations for learning and assessment needs. Our laboratories are set up in such a way as to easily facilitate student-centred discussion and inquiry
  • Senior students have access to breakout spaces specifically designed to conduct experiments that require more time to generate data such as bacterial and plant growth investigations
  • All of our laboratories meet the highest safety standards and are very well resourced with state-of-the-art technology such as spectrophotometry, gel electrophoresis and polymerase chain reaction apparatus.


Last reviewed 21 February 2023
Last updated 21 February 2023