Kate Feng

I begun at Corinda in August 2016 and was so excited to study here. Before I came to the school I searched for some photos on the internet and I was so surprised that the school is so big and beautiful.

I really enjoy the subjects and school life at Corinda. The subjects that I study are English, Japanese, Maths, Geography, Science and Media. Japanese is my favourite subject as I have made friends with a lot of students from different cultures and the teachers are very helpful and patient.

My school day starts at 8.40am and ends at 2.50pm. The school has an International room for the international students. In this room there is a microwave, desk and chair. We often have meetings where we eat delicious foods. The staff in the international office are nice and patient, I feel very supported. If I have any problems, no matter how small, the international staff will always listen.

I am very happy to be studying at Corinda State High School and I am excited to be making many new friends and meeting many nice teachers. Thank you so much.

Kate Feng
Chinese Student
Graduate Student 2016

Yuki Arai

I have really enjoyed Australian life with my host family and all the friends I have made at Corinda. They have been the best tour guides, taking me to so many beautiful places in and around Brisbane.

My host family: I have a host mother, sister, brother and cats. I feel very supported by my host family as my host sister is in the same year as me.

On the weekends, my host family have taken me to many beautiful places including Fraser Island, Gold Coast and Girraween for bush walking. My host family are all cheerful, kind and very patient, especially when I try and speak English.

School life: Corinda is a great learning environment, the buildings and facilities are perfect for student learning. The teachers and students are also very friendly and welcoming. During the breaks I play card games with my friends and have developed lifelong friendships with all of them. Everyone is very inclusive and I have learnt so much about Australian traditions. For example, I just recently played ‘Secret Santa’ with my group. I feel very lucky that my friends have introduced me to a lot of Aussie activities.

I actively participate in extra-curricular activities at Corinda including music camp and lending a helping hand on the school farm. If I had not come to Corinda, I could not have had these experiences.

I am very lucky to have come to this school and have such a wonderful host family. I cannot thank them enough. I have had really great days and precious experiences in Australia.

Yuki Arai
Japanese student
Study Abroad Student 2016

Jarvis Family

Having a homestay student has been fantastic for our family. Our student really became a member of our family and an amazing 'big sister' to our younger children. The different culture she bought into our house was a great way for our children to learn and expand their thinking from our small corner of the world. 

We just loved hosting an international student and would highly recommend the experience.

Lauren Jarvis
Host Mother

AUG China

Thank you so much for your great help and support for Yinchuan No. 9 High School Study Tour Groups from AUG in February 2017.

We loved your beautiful school campus environment, expansive curriculum and friendly teachers and students, our students had a great time in Australia. It was a week of learning, and feel we left with a more profound understanding of Australia's education and living. Many of our students have said that hope to have the opportunity to study in Australian universities in the future. 

Corinda's principal and teachers were so friendly and helpful. Our students were able to create close friendships with they school buddy and for that we are thankful. All the host families did any excellent job of caring for our students, they went out of their way to ensure that our students had a wonderful and memorable time in Australia. We look forward to having more students visit Corinda State High School in the future. 

We would happy to host your students and teacher if they were to ever visit China.

Yinchuan No. 9 High School Study Tour Groups
AUG China

Last reviewed 25 January 2019
Last updated 25 January 2019