Travis Ittensohn


Shaping education around his passions

Portrait of Travis IttensohnAn early passion for the outdoors has led former student of Corinda State High School Travis Ittensohn on a journey to success. He’s recently received two Dean’s awards for Academic Excellence whilst studying a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Queensland, majoring in Geographic Science.

Travis arrived at Corinda State High School as an eager Year 8 student interested in sports and the environment and decided to shape his education around his passions. By selecting subjects that were about the environment and natural processes—the impacts of climate change particularly fascinated him—he was able to nurture his curiosity and aptitude for all things Geography. 

Throughout his time at Corinda State High School, Travis attended a number of field trips and excursions organised by the school. Each time he gained invaluable hands-on experience, which, together with his teachers’ instruction and assistance helped develop his understanding and knowledge for Geography – and later guided his career choices.

Travis received many awards whilst at Corinda. Some of his noteworthy achievements include a Distinction in the Australian Geography Competition and Dux of his Year 12 Geography class, receiving a Graduating with a Distinction Award from the Principal.

During his final year at Corinda State High School, Travis struggled to decide on a career path to pursue. Confused and unsure about what to do next, he turned to the skilled, experienced and supportive teachers of the Senior Schooling Department to assist him in his decision. He was advised to play to his strengths and follow his passion and to choose what he wanted to do, not what he thought he should do. As a result, his transition to University was seamless and “the advice he received from the Senior Schooling Department was invaluable.”

Having graduated from Corinda State High School in 2013, Travis returns to the school weekly to tutor the current Humanities students. Organised by Mrs. Tracey Hall (Head of the Department, Humanities) this initiative has been well received and Travis’ advice, empathetic approach, knowledge, and skillset have proven to be an invaluable offering at Corinda State High School. 

More importantly, Travis has become a role model for the students, demonstrating how they can exceed their expectations and future-proof their pathway to achieve and surpass their goals and dreams.

Focused passion in a nurturing environment will achieve amazing results for those who want it. Well done Travis on all of your achievements – from all staff and students of Corinda State High School. We applaud you!

Last reviewed 05 February 2019
Last updated 05 February 2019