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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We aim to achieve a 1:1 ratio of student to devices through our Bring Your Own (BYO) device program. For more information, please view the BYOD 2018 (1.3 MB, PDF)​ booklet

All students and families are encouraged to purchase or bring their own device as long as it meets the minimum specifications outlined below. The school has been in contact with several retailers and links are supplied below as an option for parents purchasing a BYO device. The use of these retailers is not mandatory and they are provided as a convenience for parents along with information to consider when purchasing.

Joining the program

An annual parental contribution of $60 will apply for the BYO program. This is payable at the start of each school year. Students new to the scheme will also need to complete the Responsible Use Agreement contained in the BYO 2018 booklet. 
The annual fee contributes to the following items:
  • BYO Licence for Adobe Creative Suite
  • Technical support for connection and software access
  • Hot Swap pool for limited loan when BYO device is non-functional (Conditions apply)
  • Diagnosing and assisting in fault identification of software and hardware issues with possible cost association and ‘best option’ suggestions
  • Drop off point to allow school option as place of repair.
Software for your BYO computer
  • FREE Microsoft Office: Microsoft office is available for free for students in State Schools 
  • Low Cost Anti Virus: Antivirus Software is a mandatory requirement before connecting your BYO device to the Education QLD Network. The antivirus also needs to be maintained and updated regularly. The Department of Education and Training has a contract with Symantec Antivirus to provide a low cost anti-virus for staff and student. (Click the link and ignore the “ACCESS DENIED” message and click the “student” link on the page).
  • BYO Connection Program: We have developed an app to assist BYO devices in connecting to printers, network drives and Connect the device to the Teacher’ Tutor Class software.
What devices are not supported?
  • Microsoft Surface RT
  • Chrome Books 
  • Linux Devices