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​Language students in action​

Corinda is one of the few schools in Queensland that boasts an offering of five languages including Spanish, French, German, Mandarin and Japanese.  

Research shows that studying a second language enhances receptors in the brain that help to fortify analytical skills. Learning a language also assists students to become aware of their place in the world and become active global citizens in an increasingly small world.  
We offer our students the opportunity to travel to both Japan and China on a study tour. Each Language also ensures our students are exposed to various aspects of the culture including food and festival experiences.

Junior Secondary Curriculum  

All students choose a language at the beginning of Year 7 as a three-year compulsory program. An overview of the curriculum, including topics and suggested assessment tasks, is available in the Junior Secondary Handbook.

Senior Secondary Curriculum   

All languages are Authority (OP) subjects at senior. As language learning is largely sequential, it is highly recommended that students continue with the same language into senior without interval. Unlike other subjects, students who successfully complete a senior language (achieve C or above) will receive two points towards the calculation of their OP.    
Further, major universities in Queensland will allow students to graduate with a double degree when studying a language at university level.    
For more information about Languages at a senior level, please refer to the Year 10 Curriculum Handbook and the Year 11 and 12 Curriculum Handbook