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Academic coaching

A student, like any good athlete, will benefit from the personalised support provided by a coach.
That is why at Corinda, we assign every student in the senior school with an Academic Coach. With the support of their Coach, we believe the likelihood that our students will transition into a successful pathway is very high.
The Academic Coach meets with the student at each reporting juncture and assesses their academic progress. Students are provided with a detailed analysis of their academic standing in relation to an Overall Position (OP) prediction to understand whether they are on track to achieve their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). At these junctures, students also discuss their academic goals, set aspirational targets in relation to their academic achievement, and talk about pathway options and support measures that will ensure students can achieve success. A specialised program to encourage high achieving students to continue to excel and to remain focussed is also available.

We feel very strongly about these innovative programs, as do our students, and believe they are a distinctive quality of Corinda State High School—the students’ results speak for themselves.

SET Planning

A SET Plan is a ‘Road Map’ to assist young people in achieving their learning goals during the Senior Phase of Learning. 


​Year Level​


​Learning Pathways ​Year 8 & 9

​Students have an interview with teachers, parents/guardians to discuss goal setting, strengths, academic reports and goals.

​Working Education/ Career Education Program ​Year 10

​Students will spend one lesson per week learning about work/ career, educational pathways.

​Work Experience ​Year 10

​Students engage in a weeks’ work experience to assist with their understanding of the workplace.

​My Future Options Day ​Year 10

​Students will be engaged in a day of activities around pathway choices. Activities include an initial Set Planning consultation, Mini Careers Expo.

​Set Plan Interview and 11 Subject Choices ​Year 10

​Students along with their parent/ guardian are involved in a formal meeting to allow students to complete their Set Plan and select subjects for year 11.

​Review and Consultation ​Year 11 & 12

​At various stages, students reflect on their set plan and realign academic and industry goals.